Friday, October 8, 2010

Why Michael Laws should be left to die

Why Michael Laws should be left to die

In a recent Sunday Star Times article, resident columnist, racist bigot, general muckraker and Mayor of Wanganui Michael Laws contended that beached Whales should be left to die as “the dumbest species on the planet is being culled by nature”. His article suggests that, according to Michael Laws version of Darwin's natural selection, Whales are “unable to discern the difference between land and sea” and it is “natures purpose” for them to die.

What the reknowned marine biologist Michael Laws is failing to mention is that, while there is still debate around the causes of all strandings, many appear to be the fault of the human species.
It is known that military sonar causes mass strandings of more than just Whales and many scientists believe other sonar could be having a similar effect. Another common theory is that as the human species rapes the ocean through unsustainable industrial fishing methods, food sources for Whales are becoming scarcer and Whales are having to venture closer to shore to eat. When the stomachs of dead stranded Whales are examined, many are found to have been starving. While sightings of stranded Whales do go back hundreds of years, most scientists and environmentalists will agree that strandings are becoming more and more common.

Therefore it is not natural selection at work, but human intervention. Every year more species are becoming extinct at the hands of human expansion and greed. These extinctions are not 'natural selection', but instead could easily be avoided if we chose to act ethically as a species. The Human species is not only wiping out millions of other species, but is well on its way to destroying the planet that we live on. So who's really the “dumbest species on the planet”?

So, in fact, it is careless human acts that are likely causing the Whale strandings. Michael Laws believes though, that rather than modifying this stupid, careless and dangerous behaviour, the victims should not be helped and instead should be ridiculed and left to die.

So do the world a favour. If ever Michael Laws is say, hit by a drunk driver, or stabbed by an angry gang member, or gets cancer from using a product that contains carcinogens because some greedy company wants to make more money, then please follow Michael Laws own advice. Don't intervene. Leave him to die. Don't look for causes. And at the same time make sure you ridicule him for being so stupid in the first place.

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