Saturday, July 9, 2011

Rich Men Don't Rape

Media outlets around the world are now gleefully reporting that the rape case against Dominic Strauss-Kahn (affectionately referred to as DSK by the media) is falling apart. Not due to a lack of evidence; not due to the Hotel Maid pulling out of the case; not due to any valid reason actually. No, the case is falling apart because Strauss-Kahn is rich and powerful and the Maid is not.

And the media goes along for the ride. Wouldn't it be nice if journalists for the corporate owned media had some integrity. Wouldn't it be nice to open a paper and read an article that went something like this:

"The rape case against Dominic Strauss Kahn is in danger of falling apart as Strauss-Kahn mounts a multi million dollar campaign to try and discredit his accuser.
Although the evidence clearly points to sexual assault: A distraught woman, a man with a history of sexual violence, injuries to the vagina of the victim, semen linked to the accused; Strauss-Kahn's crack legal team and a troop of private investigator's, including ex-CIA agents, will be trying to prove that the Maid, while working under the intense time pressure's and scrutiny that Hotel cleaner's work under, decided to stop work for a while to have violent consensual sex with a lecherous old man.

They will try and pull off this mammoth task by doing the only thing one can do when rich and powerful and accused of rape and all the evidence points to your guilt: They will buy their way out. Millions of dollars is being spent trying to discredit the victim and intimidate the prosecution in to dropping the case. Unfortunately for the defence team they can't find any holes in the actual rape case. That's because Strauss-Kahn is most likely guilty. Instead they are having to resort to trying to destroy the Maid's reputation by showing a dishonest past. So far the best they can do is show that she knows someone in jail, and didn't tell the whole truth on her asylum application when entering the US. As time goes by the stories will get more extreme though and it's already been enough though for the prosecution to get nervous. They don't have millions of dollars to spend proving the case and it won't take much for the case to get pulled."

The message to women is clear. Rich men don't rape. Sure they might force a woman to have sex against her will, but a few million dollars later the word 'force' will read 'entice' and the words 'against her will' will read 'consensually'. It's all semantics when you have enough money and power.

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