Sunday, August 28, 2011

John Key is right (for once) - we all have a socialist streak

John Key's secret discussions with US charge d'affairs about how to implement conservative policy in New Zealand are revealing, with Key stating that extremely conservative policies would not work in New Zealand because New Zealanders have a "socialist streak". It shows Key had a very deliberate game plan before the election to promote his party as middle of the road while slowly introducing more and more conservative policy. This has been much more successful than the smash and grab style of the Tories in England, whose harsh policies have led to the biggest protests and the biggest riots in a generation.

What's more interesting though, is Key's acknowledgement of his comments. Key says his "socialist" comment was merely referring to the caring nature of New Zealanders who did not want to see overt signs of poverty. "In that regard, I think New Zealanders do have a heart" Key said.What's so interesting about this statement is that what's inferred is that right wing policy, which is used to prop up free market capitalism, is unequal and uncaring. That Key seems happy to state so publicly says a lot about the man behind the smirk.

Key is right though. We all have a "socialist" streak because we have an evolutionary need for survival which centres around building stable communities. Sharing and promoting the welfare of others are key aspects of bilding strong stable communities.We don't want to see poverty because we know that it is wrong, we know that it will destroy families and communities. Capitalism on the other hand is the exact opposite. It promotes the individual over everyone else. It promotes inequality through a system that rewards greed, which can only come at the expense of others. It promotes an uncaring attitude which is seeing the decimation of community as we know it.

No matter how hard people like Key work to batter it out of us, humans care about each other. Let's just hope there's enough "socialist" left in New Zealander's come election time to do the right thing and boot out the people trying to turn us against each other, and our human nature.

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