Saturday, January 19, 2013

Maths 101

Some simple math.

Here's a link to an article explaining that New Zealand has the highest unemployment in 18 years.

Here's a link to an article explaining that there are now 12,000 fewer people on benefits due to welfare reform.

Hmmm something doesn't add up...

But here's a link to the National Party homepage where it states "Getting people off welfare and into work means a better life, better opportunities, and a brighter future for people and their families...Welfare will always be there to support those in genuine need but we are no longer going to hand over benefits and leave people to their own devices.  Instead we are taking an active, work-based approach because we have greater aspirations for New Zealanders and their children, achieved through work, not welfare".

And here's a link to an adult education course in beginners maths, which should be mandatory for every National Party MP before they are allowed to make any further 'reforms'.

Oh and here's an article from the beginning of last year where opposition parties criticise the welfare reforms and say that all it will do is push people off benefits with no jobs to go in to. But don't worry, Paula Bennet said "We're not cutting benefits, we're trying to move people ahead and we're not being punitive".

In all seriousness though, there are now thousands more people without a job and without a benefit, somewhere in no mans land. How are they surviving? Whos's helping them? Stop asking silly questions, Paula Bennet has more good news for you, "I think we'll continue to see benefit figures come down as we change the whole way we work with people". Thanks Paula, now about that maths course...